yes ,it can be done.
first , you need to find someone that will go under
then —this was done by my dad about 20 years ago
and also on some other homes in this mining town.
They were built with no basements. some was dug by
hand!! and a lot with machines.
how we did it–
House is a 2 story 22’x 30′ (main part)
Set up cribs( 8×8’s) to come up and under steel
beams under house at enough places, crosswise of
floor joise’s. sticking out and on to cribs,
each side. I think we used 3.You need to keep
these cribs back enough to dig. We also jacked
this house up 2 blocks.
I can also remember that he was scared of
cribing falling in , it rained ALOT after it was