Your house sounds exactly the same as mine. Do not strip your rough cut cedar. Instead… fill any huge holes with exterior caulk closely matching the color of your wood (if it’s smooth cedar, fill with expoxy filler, sand smooth) and restain.

If the scratches and gauges are completely bare of stain, use matching stain & a cloth to touch up those spots. Do that before you spray the entire wall. Hopefully, touching up those small spots will make it look so good that you won’t even need to do an all-over application.

Use a sprayer to restain with the same color or use a darker stain. A sprayer is necessary to apply stain. Otherwise the stain won’t get in crevices and will be blotchy, to say the least.

I wouldn’t try stripping and using a lighter stain is a definite “No no”. Remember, stick with the same color stain or go darker.