Been trying to find a plastic shed in the states. We have some association restrictions, so the right size (smaller) is important. Looked at Duramax, Rubbermaid and Royal as option, but saw A “Black & Decker” Apex 8×6 shed at Lowes. I have seen this as the Apex shed, only available in Canada and Europe, but it was nice to see one in a California Lowes.

The Black & Decker flavor comes only 8×6, I was interested in the 4×6. I don’t know what the construction is like – cosmos, duramax, royal, or rubbermaid? Panels look molded, not extruded, but is it double walled? Can’t tell. Does anyone have any info on this shed, or on the manufacturer? Black & Decker doesn’t have it up on their site either. This is the best link I’ve found to see it.


It might ask for an area code.