Jim -ATS

1 & 2(Favorite TV Home Improvement Host & Cohost) I have to agree, my favorite home improvement team is the furniture guys, (Jim shamefully cannot remember the name of the show or their names) but the favorite episode featured duct tape. They refaced an entire kitchen with it, and with the spare rolls, refaced an entire Levi’s jean jacket with it. I laughed anyway.

3. (Favorite board poster) That’s like asking who your favorite child is. I especially like bc, Jay J, Henry, Regina, Ed, and WICK, though others come and go.

4. (Least favorite) Can I say that even though there are some who were my least favorites, there is so much humor that couldn’t have happened without them. Thank you to “Gutterless”, “X-Guy” and Terry Keiser.

5. (Most humorous) Bob and Martha bake the cake…

6. (Stress on spousal relationship 1-10) 12 (it doesn’t help that the computer is 15 feet from our bed…)

7. (Learned anything doing this?) I’ve been getting a lot less exercise lately. I don’t jump to conclusions like I used to. I have learned that even if I do think I know what I’m talking about, I still have to put 500 qualifiers on what I say (in my opinion) in case the local building code is different, or that the poster lives in an especially arid part of Texas.

8. (Why isn’t Bob here?) Bob is actually a computer animated spokesman codeveloped by SEARS and Public Television. He was the prototype for the Internet Newscaster that debuted last week. He and Laura Croft came from the same studio. So, to answer the question, “BOB” isn’t really anywhere.

9. (How can we get paid for this?) Bribes. Endorsements. (Actually, I got a chance to bid on some work because someone saw me here first…) You never know where it comes from. Besides, if we got paid, this would become more like WORK.

10. (Why did you waste your time on this quiz?) My therapist suggested I take more risks to help me deal with my intense predisposition towards shyness, and my introvertness. She also suggested that typing could help relieve my urges to paint bricks, tile, and bathtubs.