I had a home built in 2000 and went with the AW high performance double hung style (EXPENSIVE) windows throughout the home. The 1st winter (IN Ohio) when the temps dropped below 32deg we got a large amount of condensation on most of the windows. It was so bad it ran down the walls. Called AW and of course they stated the humidity level and new construction moisture was the culprit. 4 years later….problem is getting worse, even with dehumidifier running continuous, added ventilation in the attic, and 2 dry summers. The 35% humidity level they like you to acheive on there web sight is a joke!!! It’s not a lab.it’s a wood frame home with vinyl siding.
The CHEAP replacement windows I installed in my old house never had condensation because they had a rubber seal between the panes, not a heat and COLD conducting material such that they use, I think it’s alluminum. NO HELP FROM AW WHEN CONTACTED AND WOULD NEVER RECCOMEND THESE WINDOWS TO ANYBODY!!!!!!