Taco Bell, a fast food mexican chain of foods, had to remove all the sidings from their business’s recently in the area. There was a rash of this going on in the country about a year ago or so.

What many did was use foam behind stucco and I think sprayed the stucco on the foam and used it as a backer board.

Well, the moisture and water and condensation settled in the foam and developed “the dreaded “M” word, yes I am talking about MOLD for all you people in “river city”. And you know what happened next, yes, tear it all down and remove the foam and remove the dreaded MOLD and lay down the conventional lathe material and spray on your stucco.

So, I would suggest that you consider using foam.

We do not want any MOLD

By the way, what did our ancestors do when they found mold? I have always wanted to know. Did they have a EPA that came out and removed MOLD? These things make me wonder out loud.