I feel like I am in Contractor Hell

Revised from First Post: I am coming to the close of a “Entire” remodel of my 1925 Basement. 85 % done, new drywall, real closets to look forward to, and a new bathroom. Very Happy. Now it is ready for ” Flooring”.

Last year I had the entire basement interior wall perimeter Waterproofed, as well as exterior perimeter of the house. The Basement is Dry Dry. The basement did not have any existing water damage showing yet was filled with excess Moisture.

My Concern is the existing floor and my New Venture with $$$ finishing the floor for my new living space.

The existing floor is made of ?? I am not sure. It appears to be the original floor from when the house was built. It reminds me of when a dirt road has been grated and watered and cured in early summer. It extremely thin, and has areas where you can see pea gravel mixed within .. where it has broken in small areas. If you hit it with a hammer you can see it is less than a 1/2 inch thick with Raw Clay underneath. Lots of slopes and uneven areas.

Armstrong Tile ” I call it Bowling Alley Tile” is for the Laundry and hall area – Not purchased yet.

The Living/Entertainment Area – I would like to put Vinyl Plank Moisture Proof Product, Armstrong, Congoleum etc..
Looks like wood plank yet is flexible almost like rubber.

My Fears are of the existing floor. My Mind is telling me that I need to either have the floor Leveled and or both and need a moisture barrier installed prior to any flooring.

I am getting three different answers from 3 different People that I am paying within my renovation. No Flooring Product purchased as of yet.
I am at the point that I do not care any more and Seems that No one can give me an Honest Answer.
I want Carpet in my Basement like I need YET another Hole in my Head –
Has Anyone on these Boards put a Floor of ANY product https://thatpainter.com/how-to-paint-a-basement-floor/ , ( Carpet, tile, vinyl etc) on a uneven floor ?
Or can Advise Me ?? Sorry if I sound a bit off ……..this has been ongoing for Months and Not One room is Complete within my house. I feel like ? right now.
Was told to meet a Guy and called and I made the Appt with Him This Afternoon. Went there today to discuss flooring Options – He was NOT only NOT there he left NO One with any info when I arrived. My Contractor sent me and Called him as well. The place is a Distributor of ” flooring” so He would not give me any price or any info – OH talk to your Contractor …

Any updates?