How would you interpret familiar books with flowers?  Classics like Heidi, The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, Water for Elephants?

One Garden Club is sponsoring a flower show called BOOKS IN BLOOM They will create floral arrangements that tell the mood and story of these and several other books.

If you are like most people, you pick a bunch of flowers and think, how can I get these to look sort of nice in a vase.  But this special BOOKS IN BLOOM show is a real mind opener. The displays put together the beauty of flowers and great literature in a different way.

Most certified garden club flower shows have strict and rigid rules, and  are judged competitively, with points and special categories. However BOOKS IN BLOOM is a different kind of show.  Totally creative.  Not just how a flower arrangement looks, but what it says.  Each arrangement will share the feeling that its book evokes in these sophisticated flower arrangers.

What flowers and greenery would you pick to represent Heidi with her grandfather on a porch in the Swiss Alps looking over the valley below? Or Victorian Pride and Prejudice?  Like Downton Abbey maybe.  Or how would you interpret the book that you are now reading….in flowers?.

Books in Bloom is great for children too,  and can give them a multi-dimensional appreciation of books.  Anyone can design things of beauty, in one’s head, on paper, or with real live flowers.
How creative can you be?  A special flower show like this one will stoke an artistic side of you that you probably never knew existed.

Ruth S. Foster is a landscape consultant and arborist.  More gardening
information can be found on  her website,