The New York Times recently reported on an inordinately large number of snow owl sightings in states more southerly than the owls tend to roam. Although the reasons for this atypical “interruption” may vary, birders and nonbirders alike will want to create an inviting backyard for these Arctic visitors to enjoy.

While the average birdhouse may not be designed to house such a large avian, it shouldn’t stop you from taking a look to see what’s available. Start with this collection of upcycled and oversized birdhouses – be sure to consider a color that goes well with the pure-as-the-drive-snow white of the owls.

One of the hypothesized reasons for the expansion of the owls’ wanderings is the particularly good breeding season enjoyed by the bird this year which has resulted in a shortage of lemmings, the owl’s primary food source.

The best way to attract the snow owls to your backyard? A lemming-stocked bird feeder.

Credit: New York Times

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