It’s heart-wrenching to follow reports of wildfires that rip through portions of this country and are now ravaging California. We can all understand why there are fire codes to stop the spread of flames in these areas. But the truth is that residential fireproofing is important in every area of the country. My husband, an architect, cringes as he watches the flaming debris that falls around these houses. It reminds him of clients who opt for asphalt roof shingles that will not resist fire. At the very least, he says, they should choose fiberglass-based asphalt shingles instead of organic-based asphalt. Flying embers could happen for any number of reasons. Why not protect your roof? Especially since the ember, or “burning brand” as it’s called, would be out of sight while it sets fire to your roof.

The best solution is to select Class A shingles that will not ignite when exposed to an ember. Granted, we need to follow fire protection guidelines throughout the home, but the roof is typically the largest uninterrupted surface on any home. So, protect it when you get the chance by selecting roofing that will beat back a fire. You’ll find there’s probably an insurance break for that choice, too.

Fiberglass Shingles