FingerguardUSA recently announced the arrival of its patented door and hinge safety device to the U.S. market. Previously available in Europe, these finger-saving products address the 80% of child amputations caused by door-related injuries.

We’ve all caught our fingers in a closing door. Did you know that the pressure exerted on a hinge side of a closing door can reach as much as 40 tons per square inch? Small wonder so many children lose fingers in this way.

FingerguardUSA’s products include the Finger Keeper Front, which covers the gap created on the hinge side of the door when it is open. Finger Keeper Rear covers to the other side to ensure 100% protection. What’s more, the products come in three different colors to better match the wide range of door and hinge types found in homes across the country.

Finger Keeper Front sells for $46.95, which will protect the hinge side of one door. The Rear version sells for $23.95.

Would you invest in the FingerguardUSA products?

Credit: FingerguardUSA