Boston residents know something new and interesting is always happening on the MIT campus, some of it shenanigans and some pure genius. In that very spirit, MIT roommates Zach Anderson and R.J. Ryan have created a fully automated dorm room. Calling their project MIDAS (Multifunction In-Dorm Automation System) and custom built almost entirely with discarded parts, the room features surveillance cameras, a motion detector alarm system, a scrolling ticker tape of information, and remote Web access. But my favorite feature is “Party Mode.” At the press of a button, the lights dim, the strobe and laser lights go on while techno music blares with the words “FEEL THE ENERGY” signaling the party is on. It’s an 80’s college fantasy movie come to life. Just imagine what this could mean to our adult homes. Whiz kids! Zack and Ryan claim that fully automated results like these can be had for just $200 bucks and some basic programming knowledge. Check out the full layout and how-to information on the MIDAS page. And DO try this stunt at home. Investment opportunities anyone??