I don’t know about your area, but we have been hard hit by drought this summer. Lawns are suffering, mowing has slowed to a crawl, and crabgrass is everywhere. So, it’s time once again for the fall ritual of lawn bolstering. Fall is the perfect time to care for your lawn and build a strong turf for next season. Cool weather is the time to overseed your lawn—scratch up the dirt and throw down seed to beef up your grass. It is also an ideal time to apply a fall fertilizer that will nourish the roots without encouraging wild growth (that’s for the spring). Fall is when we should aerate the turf to allow nutrients to penetrate the soil and feed the roots. If you care for your lawn now and give it lots of good food to hold it through the winter, you will reap the rewards in the spring when warm weather returns. The good news? Every year we get a do-over and fall is it. Enjoy the weather!

Credit: Lawn Maintenance Tips

Caring for Your Lawn