With temps low and heating costs high, now is a good time to go over ENERGY STAR’s Heating Tips for the upcoming winter.

No surprise that “Use a Programmable Thermostat” makes the list. We at Renovate with Tommy Mac have been pushing those devices for years. If you’re doubting your abilities to install the unit on your own, check out this How To video, which lays the steps out with easy-to-follow instruction.

Maintaining your heating equipment is just as important, according to ENERGY STAR. Poorly maintained equipment will operate under peak performance, adding to the home’s heating costs.

You’ll also want to check your home for leaks and seal up those you find. The best way to search for leaks is to have a Home Energy Audit performed. This video follows an actual home energy auditor conducting a test on a home to find leaks.

Check out all the ENERGY STAR tips on their website.