Are you thinking about buying a new appliance? If so, you’ll want to know what cash rebates are available through your state’s “cash for appliance” rebate program.

EcoRebates has a simple search-by-state function that lets you know exactly how much money your state has been allocated by the Department of Energy, which products are covered by your state’s program and how much rebate cash is available within each product category. Not every state has its program up and running. indicates which states’ appliance rebate programs are currently in effect, and when others will be.

By clicking on Vermont, I learned that our appliance rebate program received a cool half a mil from the DOE and that I can get $150 back with the purchase of an Energy Star refrigerator, as well as other rebates for buying an Energy Star-rated boiler, Room A/C, water heater and clothes washer. Exciting stuff, and very good information to have.

My excitement turned to anger when I clicked on New Hampshire, our neighbors with whom we seem always to be in competition. They got almost $1.3 million from the DOE. What’s that all about?

What new appliance will you be buying under the cash for appliance rebate program?