Most of us recall the debacle with the FEMA-provided trailers that caused numerous health issues among the relocated survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Off-gassing turned those toxic boxes into veritable gas chambers, inducing breathing problems, burning eyes and a host of other ailments among their inhabitants.

The Ecoplex from Terradime is a green solution to the temporary disaster relief housing issue: a “cost-effective, green, healthy modular trailer that features superb indoor air quality.” The units are designed for easy disassembly, making them easy to transport. They also have interchangeable wall panels that open up a slew of configuration options.

The Ecoplex will be available in January of 2011 and sells between $30K and 40K, depending on additional features like bathrooms and kitchenettes.

Let’s hope this is the type of solution used the next time a natural disaster forces citizens into temporary housing.

Credit: Terradime