Bamboo, coconut and wenge. Sounds like ingredients to some spicy tropical dish, right? They’re actually some of the materials the comprise Holiday Kitchens’ Robin Wilson Home eco-friendly cabinets.

Holiday Kitchens Home cabinets focus on a sustainable manufacturing process; it uses computerized cutting methods to minimize wastes and excess wood to make cutting boards, sawdust for animal bedding and landscape materials. These cabinets are designed so that they have over 10 percent more usable space and are finished with low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint, which is healthier for homeowners and the environment. Another great feature is the fact that these cabinets are frameless, which makes them easier to clean.

Robin Wilson eco-friendly cabinets are scheduled to be sold by 400 Holiday Kitchens dealers nationwide starting this month, so take your pick: bamboo, coconut or wenge?

Credit: Holiday Kitchens Home

Robin Wilson Home and RWH Collection