I’m always interested to hear about new ways to dry clothing. There’s the energy-saving factor, of course, and then there’s the fact that dryers always seem to shrink or stretch my clothes. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives to the traditional clothes dryer, both on the market and in the design phase. Earlier this week, in fact, we posted about a clothes dryer that runs on wall-mounted wind turbines and rooftop solar panels. And last month, we included a “smart dryer” in our inspiration gallery about Smart Grid products.

In that vein, we took at a look at the Dry Table, a new concept by British designer Alex Bradley. Bradley’s line, called “Simply Versatile Products,” includes clocks, mirrors, and side tables that are small, space-saving, and multi-functional, making them ideal for city apartment-dwellers or homeowners looking to downsize. The table in question is a small, minimalist accessory. It’s 560 mm tall (about 22 inches), and instead of having a solid top, it’s made of slender steel rods radiating out from the center. The rods are intended for hanging towels or clothing out to dry. There you go: a table and a drying rack in one.

Some commentators on DesignBoom.com have pointed out that it would be difficult to put anything cylindrical on this table, as it would fall between the cracks. This is certainly a fair point. Tell us—would you buy a Dry Table? Or are you concerned that it’s too minimal?

Credit: DesignBoom.com