While researching for April’s Earth Month Tips I came across a great site that promotes earth-friendly actions, particularly amongst the younger folk.

Called DoSomething.org, the site has a few fun online games that teach important lessons about keeping the environment clean, recycling and running not-for-profit organizations like homeless shelters and animal shelters.

Although the poplar “eMission” game isn’t exactly home-related, the Recycling Game does encourage collection of bottles and cans and the Karma Tycoon will have players appreciating some of the overlooked non-profits in their area.

Best of all, DoSomething was offering five $1,000 scholarships to eMission players (the deadline just passed). We’ll check back in with the site in the near future to see if they have plans to repeat this offer.

We’d love to see a Home Improvement type game that encourages the use of reclaimed materials and a DIY mentality. Know of any out there?