On the backs of an interesting study of American refrigerator habits LG has announced the arrival or a new French-door fridge featuring Door-in-Door technology, a design which should have consumers accessing “go-to” foods without opening the entire refrigerator.

According to the survey, 40 percent of consumers reach for their “go-to” items in the fridge three to five times per week. 78 percent of people are likely to share their favorite “go to” foods with others. The same survey indicated that the top-rated “go-to” foods are cheese at 60 percent and fruit at 59 percent.

Cheese! Who would have thought?

At any rate, the Door-in-Door feature is a magnetically sealed section of the right refrigerator door that can release and allow fridge owners easy access to that door bin. So cheese and fruit goes in this door, people!

To us, the best part about this new feature is that the fridge can stay closed, keep items cooler and ultimately using less electricity.

How about you? Would you want a fridge with Door-in-Door technology?

Credit: LG