Why not carry every tool you own everywhere you go — the portable ones, that is. This toolbox/dolly has more pockets than a herd of kangaroos and practically guarantees you will never again leave a needed tool back in the truck. All of the pockets are numbered and labeled so that every tool has its place. The Mobile Shop can be purchased complete with 230 name-brand and proprietary tools and 180 parts including screws of all varieties, glue, and plumbing supplies; with parts only; with all tools and parts minus the drill; or empty and ready for your tools. It even comes apart for easy storage and has an on-board cover and alarm system to protect against theft. It will set you back a few dollars, with a base price of $995.00 for the caddy alone and up to $3,200.00 for the total kit, but professionals have tested it and guarantee you won’t come up short when you get to the job.