A dream in which you are the handyman?

And you appear on national TV?

Well, we are sending a shout out to all handymen and women. If you know how to wear a tool belt, put on a pair of safety goggles and perhaps hammer a nail, we have got some exciting news for you. GotCast.com is doing a nationwide search to cast a handyperson for Carter Oosterhouse’s show “Carter Can.” You could be an on-air personality for Oosterhouse’s construction team, helping create miracles on a small budget. A little know-how, a dash of creativity and some imagination could land you on this show, which features small-scale renovations (2-day maximum) that transform rooms into a big “wow.”
Are you the next Ty?
I am thinking about auditioning for this myself. If only my body weren’t built for radio. Good luck.

Got Cast is Looking for You