When I was young, broke, and living in the city, I faced the constant problem of furnishing my empty apartments. The answer lay in lowering my standards. It took some time, but I gradually adapted and accepted the cinder-block bookshelves and the TV propped up on a cardboard box. Before long, I came to view the discarded, cigarette-burned couch and chairs picked from the junkyard as “comfortable.” My youthful experience would have been different if I had known how to construct nice-looking furniture like Shawna Hollen. Partially inspired by the window seat in a downtown Starbucks, she constructed a similar seat in her urban apartment for only $100. She’s posted all the details and instructions, complete with pictures, so you can build your own. You can also read about the accompanying DIY coffee table built for $35. Both should serve as inspiration to college students everywhere!

DIY Window Seat