If you have ever done a site job and said, “Gosh, this would have been so much easier to do back at the shop with my table saw,” join the club. Sure, I have a circular saw and a couple of collapsible horses to do the larger cuts, but the lines are never as clean or straight as with my table saw. To top it off, on smaller jobs I work alone and when cutting a 4’ x 8’ sheet of 3/4-inch plywood I often wonder how I am going to catch something before it hits the ground. I personally don’t like to bring a truckload of tools; I prefer to keep the big ones in the shop and just take the portables. Thank you, DeWalt, for making a tool that cuts like a table saw but can be easily brought to the job site. While the tool is far from perfect (no dust collection system like my home unit), but when I’m working alone and not bring a truckload of tools to the site then the DeWalt TrackSaw Kit with extra 44 inches of track is a time-saver and I am adding it to my tool box. The reason I really like it is with straighter cuts I have less waste. Less waste means I have less material to buy and clean up. Who would have thought that a tool that would save me time could also be green?

Credit: DeWalt on Facebook

DeWalt DC520SK HD 6-1/2” TrackSaw Kit with 59” Track, Connector and Additional 44” Track