If there’s one thing designer Fu-Tung Cheng has taught us, it’s that concrete isn’t just for foundations. With his work appearing in home improvement magazines across the world, Cheng’s mastery of the medium for just about any application is second to none. From countertop to fireplaces to water features and more, Cheng has made us all warm up to this once cold and passionless material.

For those who want a touch of Cheng in the home but can’t afford to hire the designer personally, there is now a “Find-a-Contractor” feature on CHENG Concrete’s website. Searches will turn up Cheng-certified contractors–called CHENG Members–in your area. These are professionals who have been trained in the art of Cheng concrete manipulation. Think of them as a first generation of students, taught by the master. Like Cheng himself, many CHENG members have gone on to win awards for their design and work.

Take a moment to check out the finder tool to see if there are Cheng-trained concrete professionals in your area. Maybe you can turn that dream of a designer concrete countertop into a reality.

Do you have any Cheng in your home?

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