What’s better than taking a shower? Taking a virtual one, of course. Or, better still, washing a virtual person.

Confused? Just check out Delta’s new Wash the Day Away game, where you can play around with their new In2ition Two-In-One shower head, selecting filthy characters and trying to wash them clean before time runs out. You’ll then have a chance to actually win one of the new shower heads by selecting three dirty tiles to wash off (out of about 50 or so) to see if you’ve won. Kind of like an online scratch ticket, with a shower head instead of a penny.

I chose the Yoga Master character to clean, and no, I didn’t win an In2ition. But I get to try two more times today, as you’re allowed three tries per day.

Not that I’ll be wasting the work day trying to win a shower head or anything…

Delta Wash Away the Game Game