A recent study conducted by Delta Faucet and Savvy Mommy Victoria Pericon revealed some pretty interesting American bathroom behaviors. The standout finding? One in five adults leaves the bathroom without washing their hands. As CCR once said, “It ain’t me.”

Bad as that stat is, here’s a more alarming one: 57 percent of us keep the water running while brushing our teeth or shaving. Forget hygiene. Water is limited, people. Shut that faucet (be it Delta or otherwise) off!

Speaking of water conservation, the study also found that most consumers have not installed a water-saving faucet or aerator in their home and that most had not replaced their bathroom faucet in more than 10 years. That latter fact will irk Delta most, I’m sure. The former, EPA’s WaterSense program.

Looks like we need to push the water conservation agenda even harder.

For more info on the study, check out the full press release.

Want to save some water? Try your hand at these water-saving projects:

  • Install a High-Efficiency Showerhead
  • Replace a Leaky Toilet Flush Valve
  • Repair a Dripping Outdoor Faucet
  • Credit: Delta Faucet Bathroom Study Press Release