There are simple pine armoires, intricately detailed pieces and formal styles in a variety of woods. Some pieces are highly stylized and many are embellished with decorative painting. However, the key element to consider in choosing an armoire is functionality. Regardless of the exterior appearance (always a major consideration in selecting a piece of fine furniture), it’s what inside that really counts. Here is where you can assert yourself and create a storage environment that is precisely tailored to your specific needs. Maybe you need more space to store china, linens, and other festive accouterments. Or maybe it’s your kitchen that could use a little help. You can hang pots and pans, store cookbooks, organize your spices…whatever your entertaining and culinary styles dictate.

Pantry – The China Closet
An armoire can be easily adjusted to accommodate china and hostess items. With added shelf space, an armoire is a convenient and safe idea for storing fine dishes.

The Kitchen Armoire
Featuring convenient storage ideas, an armoire can be transformed into a spacious kitchen pantry.

While providing easy access to cooking accessories, an armoire is a functionable kitchen alternative to the traditional built-in design.

Entertainment – Center Armoire
An armoire creates a functionable solution to incorporate television and stereo equipment. While keeping electronics concealed, an armoire is a handsome addition to any family, living or bedroom area.

The Home Office – Work Station Armoire
With the addition of a built-in desk, an armoire becomes your home office space. Complete with computer system, lighting and extending work surface, an armoire can organize all your office needs.

Or maybe it’s your home office space that’s grown like topsy — taking over your entire house one surface at a time. Behind the closed doors of an armoire you can create order out of mayhem with a filing drawers, cubby holes, adjustable shelves, even room for your computer to hide when not in use.

For years people have used armoires to house their entertainment centers and kids’ toys and games store nicely inside one as well.

We’ve sketched out a few basic design ideas to jump start your creativity. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have less clutter and more dedicated space in your home. There are as many ways to outfit an armoire as there are creative pursuits and endeavors. All it takes is imagination, a little thought, a handy carpenter, and, of course, an armoire.

Need more storage space? Well, who doesn’t? If adding another closet is out of the question, consider incorporating an armoire into your decorating scheme. You can find wonderful antique armoires, not quite antique armoires (often a great bargain if you’re dogged in your pursuit), or you can have an armoire custom built to suit your individual requirements and taste.


Credit: Renovate with Tommy Mac