Most of us have been fooled by urban myths and email hoaxes. Remember the Bill Gates e-mail? It was a hoax and you never saw a dime. Unlike that harmless hoax, urban myths about disaster safety aren’t just annoying, they are dangerous.

Myth 1: Placing masking tape, duct tape or window film over windows will prevent window damage and protect families during hurricanes and other high wind events.

Reality: Masking tape, duct tape, or window film will not protect windows from being broken by windborne debris in hurricanes or severe storms. While some believe that tape or film may help to keep glass from dispersing on impact, even this is questionable. Window film has many uses, such as decreasing energy costs, but there is no window film product that has been tested and approved for residential window protection. For effective family and home safety, all windows and openings (entry doors, garage doors, etc.) should be covered with tested and approved hurricane shutters or should be constructed with impact-resistant and pressure-resistant materials.

Credit: Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, Inc (FLASH)

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