Here in New England it’s been a crazy winter—50’s one day, minus 80 the next. This freeze-and-thaw scenario is what ice dams love best, trapping water on your roof where it will inevitably find a way into the rafters and beyond. My fix has been the typical series of heated wires, and while they seem to be holding, elegant they aren’t. ICE PRO has a better solution—and I guarantee you didn’t see this one coming—an inflatable membrane that expands along the base of your roof, breaking any ice that’s formed near the gutters. The blower can exert up to 800 lbs. per linear foot and can make short work of even the biggest icicles. It can be removed in the warmer months (that’s July here) and quickly re-installed via Velcro fasteners, though from the pics, the system looks pretty enough to leave year round. Check out the ICE PRO site for a nifty little movie of the product in action. No word on pricing. Available in select areas.