I’ve often heard the adage, “Measure twice, cut once” but it doesn’t seem to apply to me. I have the unique ability to measure something two hundred times and still mess it up. Very frustrating, especially when cutting holes in something bulky like drywall. Messing up costs money! Luckily, Blind Mark of Michigan has devised an easy solution that even I can figure out for for cutting electrical-box access holes. Using a combination of magnets to locate the electrical box’s position, the Blind Mark Locator shows just where to cut in two steps. After the standard blue or gray electrical box is installed, you fit it with one of Blind Mark’s “targets”. Once the wallboard or paneling is up, you use the magnetic “locator” to find the box and clamp onto the face, giving you a perfect guide for cutting out your box. It’s a foolproof way to save yourself some mistakes and money. Blind Mark is available online for just $29.95.

Blind Mark