Although it is not a web site you would normally turn to for home improvement tips, has a great article about creating a healthy home office. Here are the tips summarized:

  1. Soothing colors – Use muted tones instead of bright colors and don’t use white.
  2. Ergonomic workstation
  3. Fully adjustable seating
  4. A footrest
  5. Hands-free headset
  6. Heavy duty paper shredder
  7. Natural elments – Put in potted plants and fresh flowers
  8. A calming foundation – Meaning, one of those tabletop water fountains
  9. Proper lighting – The computer screen should be brighter than the overhead light.
  10. One planner/calendar Read detailed explantions of each point at Also, you may want to check out some relevant home office articles on our site: Creating “Creating Your Home Office Plan” as well as one showing you how to make your home office more energy-efficient called “The Green Office.”

    Credit: article