Here are some great summer cooling tips, courtesy of ENERGYSTAR:

  • Ditch the incandescents. Not only do they use more energy, they produce more heat. Swap them out for CFLs or LEDs.
  • Get with the program. Anyone who hasn’t installed a programmable thermostat is simply being foolish. They are affordable, easy to install on your own and can help save a significant amount on energy bills.
  • Enter the fan zone. Raising your thermostat by two degrees and running a ceiling fan can lower cooling costs by 14 percent. Just make sure you turn the fan off when you leave the room. See how easy it is to install a ceiling fan on your own.
  • Ditch the oven. You can use the microwave or, better yet, the grill outside. Both will cook the food quicker and keep the kitchen from becoming, well, an oven.
  • For more cooling tips go to the ENERGYSTAR website.

    How are you keeping cool this summer?

    Credit: ENERGYSTAR