Speaker wire is the bane of the audiophile’s existence. And until wireless home audio systems can boast comparable sound and price points, we’re left with an ugly tangle of wire that can mar the best of rooms. Sure, you can cut into the drywall to hide the mess, but that can get even messier. The solutions I see most often—tacks, staples, tape—fail to impress and smack of a haphazard setup. So what’s a wired audiophile to do? Get flat adhesive speaker wire—tape with speaker wire imbedded inside. Remove the backing and this stuff will stick to walls, ceilings, baseboards, whatever. It can be spackled over and painted, or hidden under carpet. Nondescript, easily concealed, and available in various lengths, gauges, and colors, including a clear version—who wouldn’t want this? I’m all over it. Available now through distributors.

Advanced Wire Solutions