Low on culinary confidence? You’re not alone—plenty of folks can’t cook. But hiring a personal chef is not an option for 99% of us, and Ramen gets old quick. Vita Craft has a solution—the RFIQ. It’s an induction-powered cooktop and cookware system that uses radio-frequency technology to assist the amateur chef in preparing a meal. When a special recipe card with a radio frequency transmitter is scanned under the reader in the pan’s handle, the system goes to work. The pan and hotplate communicate with each other 16 times per second during preparation (married couples please note). The hotplate will adjust heat automatically and, with audible step-by-step instructions, guide the budding baker through the necessary steps to produce a pièce-de-résistance for the night’s consumption. Cost is $600. Comes with three RF recipe cards, but more are available. Be advised—the system won’t hold your hand through the prep work. It assumes you know how to chop vegetables.

Credit: Popular Science

Vita Craft