When it comes to containing dust on construction sites, more often than not it’s a jerry-rigged affair. In my experience, it usually consists of some tarps haphazardly nailed or taped in place and held down with whatever weights are lying around. These set-ups are usually insufficient—dust always escapes and there is the risk of damaging the interior of the home during the set-up. Or the whole thing falls apart during the project. No more! ZipWall of Arlington, MA, offers a lightweight, portable, easy-to-assemble, and virtually airtight solution. The system is made of telescoping twist-lock poles that hold screening material in place against the ceiling. According to their website, a 20 foot long ZipWall can be set up in less than a minute. They are sold in pairs and come in 12 and 20 foot lengths. They are available at distributors throughout the U.S. Suggested retail price is $119 for the 12 foot and $192 for the 20 foot version.