The idea of a composting toilet is not that appealing until you consider the potential savings. Sun-Mar composting toilets are installed without any septic system and can reduce home water use up to 50 percent. It’s also great for the environment, sparing the world’s drinking supply from human waste. The biggest selling point to me is that it stores waste odor-free. Let me repeat that…odor-free! Over time, liquids are evaporated from the waste and converted into compost for your garden. The only maintenance needed is for the owner to periodically add peat mix and turn the handle to spin the bio-drum. Did I mention it’s odor-free? Sun-Mar composting toilets are ideal for homes looking to reduce water consumption; seasonal properties such as cottages, workshops and barns; and work sites. More information can be found on the Sun Mar web site.

Credit: Sun-Mar Composting Toilets