We understand target marketing, but even this seems a little extreme.

Clorox — that well-known cleaning company who’s name calls to mind the word “bleach” — has just released a suite of cleaning products designed for Hispanics. “Clorox Fraganzia,” as it is called, addresses what the company found to be the three-stage cleaning process practiced by Hispanics: cleaning, disinfecting and aromatizing.

Interesting. Don’t most scented cleaning products already do that?

At any rate, the suite of products includes a multi-purpose dilutable cleaner, a toilet bowl rim hanger and an aerosol air freshener.

Through their research, Clorox was also able to determine the scents that appeal to Hispanics, and so the available scents in this new line are Lavendar with Eucalyptus and Mint, Spring, and Forest Dew.

It will be interesting to see if this approach works out.

Credit: Clorox