There are few online videos that send a chill down my spine quite like this one from the U.S. Fire Administration showing how quickly a dry Christmas tree can become an inferno. It’s the most effective demonstration of the importance of keeping your tree watered this holiday season. Watering your tree is not just to retain that pine smell; it can save your life and your home. Every year, Christmas trees cause 200 fires, resulting in over $6 million in property damage. While the video is horrifying, keep in mind, it was a completely dry tree. In contrast, a similar tree, which was well-watered, failed to ignite after three attempts: one with a match, another with an electric short and the last with a propane torch. Just remember this maxim: A wet tree is a safe tree. Also, be sure to place your tree away from all sources of heat and inspect lights for any frayed wires.

Credit: Holiday Fire Prevention from the U.S. Fire Administration

Dry Christmas Tree Fire Video