If you’ve considered keeping chickens in your backyard, chances are you’ve also considered the potential difficulties and challenges of keeping chickens in your backyard. It’s possible that those difficulties and challenges even dissuaded you from getting chickens.

But perhaps if you had a support group to talk about potential difficulties, you’d be more likely to take a risk and move an avian brood onto your property. That’s exactly what Wivenhoe, a town in the United Kingdom, has set up to encourage its residents to invest in backyard chickens. The organization, part of the UK Transition Towns Network (an initiative to encourage communities to locally respond to climate change), contains five families, but it hopes to expand to 100.

Would you be more likely to buy chickens next spring if you had a coalition of neighbors and friends to support you? If so, you’ll want to pick out a chicken coop to house your hens. Check out our gallery of designs here.

Credit: TreeHugger.com