As I write this, a horrible hazardous materials fire burns in Apex, N.C., very near Raleigh. As many as 17,000 residents have been asked to evacuate their homes due to plumes of smoke and chemicals including chlorine. The fire, which began at a hazardous waste facility, may have to burn itself out. More evacuation orders are expected. This fire is a striking example of why everyone needs to have a family disaster plan and portable disaster supply kit. Disasters can happen anywhere to anyone at any time. You could have to leave your home quickly and be away for several days. Could you gather what you need and leave your home on a moments notice? If your family was separated during such a disaster, would you know who to call and where to meet? Are you prepared to take your pets with you? We at FLASH urge you to make these decisions before disaster strikes.

Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, FLASH, Inc.