After 10 hours of trucking around the 2010 International Builders’ Show at the Convention Center in Las Vegas, I finally have a chance to put my feet up and comment on some of the cooler products and innovations I saw on day #1.

Whirlpool’s MicroEtch refrigerator shelves warranted a snapshot from the iPhone and a TwitPic. Not exactly bells and whistles, but anyone who has suffered a spill in the fridge can appreciate a simple containment system worked into each shelf.

Owens Corning’s big booth attracted quite a crowd with their Air Infiltration Barrier with Flexible Seal Technology installation demonstrations. Remember Ghostbusters 2, when Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd & Co. shot that pink goo all over the movie? It was kind of like that, but for an attic space. I liked the “Insulation is Sexy” T-shirts worn by all the OC folk, but I wonder if they should just shorten it to “Pink is Sexy.” People will get the point.

I also loved Kohler’s “Flipside” showerheads. Rather than dispensing water through just one side, these showerheads can shoot water from four different sides. Rotating the showerhead will start the stream out of the selected side. Sprays move from the expected massaging stream to a waterfall action to a “God-that-feels-so-good” flow.

Day #1 impressed. We’ll see how Day #2 compares!

International Builders’ Show