Feeling that Holiday spirit of giving? Not sure who to help? Well look no further. We’re highlighting 10 worthy, national charities and encouraging everyone to give what they can.

Welcome to the second installment in our 10-part Charity Blog Series. Here we’re taking a look at a national charity focused on helping low-income families achieve financial independence and stability. The organization is called Family Promise. Based in New Jersey, the charity attacks the multiple causes of poverty with a multi-pronged approach. Family Promise focuses its efforts through five separate but inter-related programs: Interfaith Hospitality Network, Family Mentoring, Just Neighbors, Community Initiatives and Voices Uniting. The combined goal of the five programs is to deal with the immediate effects of poverty — including the prevention of homelessness — and address the root causes of poverty in our society.

Volunteerism and community awareness/involvement plays heavily into the effectiveness of the Family Promise purpose. This is a charity that depends on giving time and effort, not just donations. The Family Mentoring program piece of Family Promise, for example, trains volunteers to work one-on-one with “economically vulnerable families” to help them achieve goals, successful deal with the stress of a low-income lifestyle and prevent homelessness.

The Family Promise website has an Affiliate Locator to help you find a local Family Promise Affiliate, so you can get involved.

Have you participated in a Family Promise program, or one like it in your area? Share your experience.

Family Promise