Welcome to the eighth installment in our 10-part Charity Blog Series.

Life inside the walls of our homes or apartments is of immediate concern to most folk. We can control this space; make it ours. We can clean and organize, decorate and paint. This is our haven, our safe space.

Beyond those walls lay our neighborhood, and looking one step more we take in our community. Our community at large says a lot about us as individuals, and as a collection of families and neighborhoods.

Keep America Beautiful acknowledges the importance of up-kept, vibrant communities. Their work to beautify communities across the country earns them a place in our 10-part Charity Blog series–it’s also awarded them a 4-star rating on Charity Navigator.

To meet their goal, Keep America Beautiful breaks their efforts into three approaches: litter prevention, waste reduction & recycling and beautification. Every year the organization sees over 3 million volunteers pitch in and go to work in their respective communities nationwide. From cleaning up litter and graffiti to improving parks and waterways, Keep America Beautiful helps us lift our heads a little higher with pride for the towns we live in–the place we call home.

Find out how you can volunteer for a KAB project near you.

Donations are welcomed, too!

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