One of the hazards of my job is that I become highly informed—sometimes to the point of panic. What if my windows are leaking? What is my furniture emitting? Should I replace all of the mechanicals in my home? What about the wiring? You see where I’m going, I’m sure. I drive my husband nuts! On the upside, it keeps me aware of the issues that really matter—protecting my house and my family, for example. Indoor air is really important and I’m trying to understand how to control it so that the moisture buildup inside doesn’t compromise the walls (behind drywall where I can’t see it!) and the air is refreshed enough to keep us from breathing really bad air. To complicate matters, getting the recommended .4 to .8 air exchanges per hour would freeze this Vermont home. So, I need to look at air exchangers and heat pumps. The word is it’s worth it. Studies show we spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors. And homes are getting tighter. Just imagine breathing in and out of a plastic bag! So, I’m on the hunt for the ventilation system that will automatically exchange my air and pinpoint the areas that most need air replacement (kitchen, living areas) while retaining my indoor air temperature. For now, we’re stuck with spot ventilation at the stove and in the bathrooms— not good. They say that at less than .3 exchanges per hour we could actually threaten the structure of our home, not to mention our health. So, I’m off on the hunt. I’ll keep you posted.