It’s got a lot of higher-ups shaking their heads. Despite being proven energy and money savers and getting a big government push, sales of compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) have plunged.

Sales have declined 25% nationwide from their peak in 2007 with sales in some regions diving 35-50% (here in Massachusetts!). “Based on additional data and analysis…it’s apparent that the market is headed in the wrong direction,” said Richard Karney of Energy Star.

What’s going on? Some speculate buyers are disappointed by CFL performance. Or perhaps American consumers are resistant to change — 90% of American light fixtures are still using traditional incandescent bulbs.

One certainly could not argue against the cost savings — CFLs cost around $2 a bulb and last seven times as long as conventional lightbulbs. CFL makers are pushing for more incentive programs to maintain their admittedly tiny, market share.
How do you feel about the CFL bulbs?

Credit: NY Times article