Do you have an AC drain that drips?

Penny Rix did, and she got tired of watching all the wasted water turning that section of her house wall moldy and the ground inviting to termites. So she invented the Catch A Drip.

Yes, it’s one of those “As Seen On TV” products, but that doesn’t mean it should be dismissed outright. If anything, we owe it to the spirit of inventiveness to take a closer look.

Just the other day I was talking about water conservation in Australia, so when this product crossed my desk felt compelled to write about it. It’s really dead simple: attach a drip irrigation hose to your AC drain to collect all the condensed and dripping water and distribute it to your garden, lawn or wherever.

One has to admit, it seems a great way to put otherwise wasted water to good use. And for under $30 for a 40 foot hose? I’d think the product would pay itself back in no time considering the water you are saving on your landscape and gardening.

One of my colleagues likes the idea, but worries that an unseen back-up could cause flooding issues in your AC unit.

What are your thoughts on the Catch A Drip?