Ain’t the world of tomorrow great—flying cars, holographic vids, self-cleaning toilets. That’s right, I said self-cleaning toilets, and you’ll owe it all to the emerging field of nano technology. Researchers are hard at work on a new titanium dioxide coating that promotes oxidation, and as we all know, oxidation = clean. The compound also allows surfaces to shed liquids better, which helps keep things sparkly. A small hurdle in all of this is that titanium dioxide is activated by the sun’s ultraviolet light. Since toilets and such are generally inside (at least in my neighborhood) the lab coats are trying a few work-arounds to get things flowing, as it were. Unlike a lot of promised “tomorrow-tech”, this stuff is fairly close to being put into production; there’s already talk of incorporating it into clothes, lab equipment, shower curtains, and more. On The Level will keep you posted.

Nano technology may make cleaning toilets a thing of the past