According to, 20 percent of Americans will move this year and more than half of those moves will take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Those are big numbers. UHaul must love this time of the year.

I’ve moved my fair share over the past ten years and I’ll admit that one of the more frustrating aspects of moving is being offline. Sure, I can always pop into a coffee shop and tap into the hotspot, but when you are used to being online at home 24/7 the break can feel like solitary confinement.

For those who feel as I do, offers a pretty simple and free solution. It’s not terribly revolutionary, but it makes settling into the new pad a little easier. Just type in the address where you are moving and the website will give you all your cable, internet and phone options. Not only that, you’ll get a list of the current deals offered by competing service providers. Once you choose a provider you can book a connection appointment ahead of the move so you won’t be weeks without access to your favorite website. (Which is, right?)

It’s not exactly a breakthrough, but it should take a little stress off the chests of those 20 percent.

If you’re moving this summer, stay cool, drive safe and good luck in the new place. Be sure to look around our site for ideas on home upgrades, DIY projects and ways to keep your new home or apartment cool this summer.