Here are a few more items that caught Greg’s eye at the International Builders Show in Orlando this past weekend:

  • The Geospring hybrid water heater. This nifty unit can save up to 62% on water heating costs and features a demand response system called “nucleus” the works with the power company to run when the rates are lowest. This, folks, is what you’d called a “smart appliance.” Glad to see Smart Grid-ready products and appliances had their place at IBS this year.
  • Brizo’s “Solna” faucet with a hidden pull down. I won’t say I’m crazy about kitchen faucets, but I can appreciate small advances in their aesthetics by reducing the obviousness of the seam. The MagneDock Technology that holds the pull down in place deserves mention, too.
  • Tamko’s Solar Attic Vent, powered by a 20-watt solar panel. A must for most attics, the Tamko product ventilates up to 1,600 square feet.
  • Congrats to NAHB for another successful Builders Show. Let’s hope 2011 is a busy one for everybody in the industry.